SMS Opt-In Process for Triton Towing

Our SMS notification system will be used for customers to make appointments to pick up their car from our storage lots.  SMS messages will be sent for appointment confirmations and status changes.

A customer will locate their vehicle in our system using our Find My Vehicle page by entering their License Plate or VIN numbers into a form.

If the vehicle is located, a button will appear to make an appointment to pick up their vehicle.

The button will lead to our Make Appointment page, which has a form where a customer can select a time and date for the appointment.

At the end of the form, there is a checkbox indicating that the customer must accept the Terms and Conditions for making an appointment.

Directly below the form, the Terms and Conditions are displayed, which contain the text:

  • SMS Messaging: By providing your phone number, you opt-in to receive SMS messages for appointment confirmations, status updates, and other communications from Triton Towing regarding your vehicle.

If a customer does not check the box, they will not be able to make an appointment using the form, and no SMS messages will be sent.

The form can be viewed at this link.  The Opt-In box will appear after the date & time have been selected.

Screenshots of Opt-In page: